DreamWorld Backdrops Gives Back

If you're looking for affordable, quality, original art, you will find a wealth of talented South African artists which is known as the Rainbow Nation.

When you buy or rent DreamWorld’s hand painted and airbrushed backdrops you are supporting local and small businesses in South Africa. These independent artists are provided with a lightweight polyester cotton fabric and a warehouse to paint our backdrops. You will find the art to be of a very high quality, with a passion and depth that is borne of the rich cultural heritage,infused with transformation, the love of nature, the optimism of reconciliation.

If you are a person who believes in supporting a global community, buying from a South African artists a great way to make sure that your money goes to businesses, families and villages. When you buy or rent a hand painted backdrop you are supporting traditional arts and crafts techniques that have passed down through generations.

The artists, many previously disadvantaged and unemployed individuals have been given work and training. These folks have been producing airbrushed and hand painted backdrops for many years, perfecting the craft, ensuring consistent quality and durability with lively, unique and authentic designs