Guide on How to Use and Set-up Backdrop

Friday, August 12, 2011 by admin

Backdrops can be used to enhance the background of any event or show. Depending on the size of your event or occasion you may need to rent or purchase several backdrops. For events like a magic show or talent show, a highly detailed backdrop will make your stage pop out. All backdrops are custom designed with theme specific for all type of events.

When you receive your Backdrops first sweep away any dirt. Unroll your backdrop facing towards you and place the support beam across the top of the backdrop. Gently tuck the fabric over and down the beam and use either staples or clamps to secure. Put into place and secure on either side.

If you’re going to place it directly onto the wall, stand the roll up against the wall with the scene towards you. Unroll your backdrop rental with the help of another person, and use staples to secure the top of the backdrop to the wall. Pay close attention to where you are placing the staples in order to get a straight line. You should also place the staples 2 to 4 inches apart and use heavy duty staples with either an air gun or a manual gun. Standard office staples will not work due to the fabric’s weight.

For theater backdrops you may be tempted to use rings to place the backdrop, however unless you purchased the backdrop this may be cause damage and is not recommended. First lay your backdrop on a clean floor. Place a metal cross beam across the top, tuck the fabric around and under the beam and hold in place with staples or you can put clamps across the top. Next tie ropes to either end of the cross beam while running the other end of the rope through the scaffolding or theater grid work located near the ceiling. Two people should be used to lift the backdrop into place. Secure the rope on either side with counter weights or fasten into place.

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