The Care and Keeping Backdrops

Thursday, August 04, 2011 by admin

Photographers and stagehands would both agree that backdrops are an important part of their job and need to be taken care of properly. Not only are they expensive but they can be damaged very easily. There are many types of backdrops and not all of them are machine washable. However, one should try to wash his or her backdrop as infrequently as possible as every washing wears it out a little bit. The backdrop should be washed in cold water with mild detergent on a gentle cycle. If a backdrop is not machine-washable than it must be spot-cleaned. This can be achieved using a soft scrub brush with warm water and very little soap.

Unfortunately, the backdrop can become wrinkled very easily, even when it is first received. The backdrop will most likely have folds and wrinkles from being folded and shipped. However, these wrinkles are very easy to eliminate. The easiest thing to do is to hang it up; most of the wrinkles will come out on their own. A small hand steamer is the best option for a quick fix. If no hand steamers are available, spritzing the backdrop with a little water can help as well.

The most important thing to remember in storing your backdrop is to keep it in a dry place! Mildew and mold is nobody’s friend. Surprisingly, it is better to scrunch the backdrop loosely; these small wrinkles are much easier to get out then permanent creases from folding your backdrop. Also, small wrinkles can make the backdrop more realistic while big creases will make it very obvious that it is a big piece of fabric.

The backdrop can also be stored hanging up, although this is difficult for people who do not have a large storage area. Backdrop rentals can often bring a new set of problems. Any damage can result in being fined so it is important to keep the backdrop safe. Many backdrop rental companies prefer that the backdrops are not used for outdoor events as it is very easy for them to become damaged outdoors. In addition, one cannot cut, pin, tack, staple or glue a rented backdrop. If the backdrop is inadvertently damaged, it is important not to try to home-repair it. The rental company is best-suited to repair it and the backdrop should be sent directly to them. This will minimize further damages and charges. Finally, it is obvious that one should return the backdrop on time and in the same condition in which it was sent!

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