Q. Who installs the backdrop?

A. The client is responsible for the hanging of the backdrop.

Q. How are the backdrops hung?

A. The backdrops are provided with either a sleeve or ties on the top. 

Q. What are the sizes of the backdrops?

A. We have many different backdrop sizes for example 
1. Standard - 20' high x 40' wide 
2. Panels - 20' high x 10' wide 
3. Marquee - 10' high x 20' or 40' wide

Q. How are the images painted onto the backdrops?

A. The backdrops are either air brushed or hand-painted or both by a team of skilled artists.

Q. Is the backdrop material fire retardant?

A. Yes. All our backdrops are treated with fire retardant.

Q. What type of material do we use for our theme backdrops?

A. We use a 100% polyester cotton fabric that is lightweight and durable.

Q. How many theme backdrops do you have in stock?

A. Our backdrop inventory is constantly changing we currently have over 1600 backdrops available for rent and purchase.