Rental Agreement


Dream World Backdrops polyester fabric backdrops are very expensive to produce and any damage and repairs could prove costly. If the backdrop material is damaged or handled without care, significant cost to repair and clean can accrue. If our company has to send the backdrop to our factory to repair the charge to your company will be a minimum cost of $60.00 per hour plus the cost for replacing material. The canvas and paint costs are approximately $25.00-$55.00 per square foot.

If the backdrop is handled carefully the chances of any damage occurring is minimal. In order to reduce the incidence of damage, it is recommended that only experienced personnel handle the backdrop and take note of the following: When unfolding and hanging the backdrop, the floor area must be clean and dry. Avoid the backdrops from getting wet or used in adverse climate conditions. If your company is aware of the procedures, the backdrops will remain in good condition and prevent your company being subjected to unnecessary costs to repair the backdrops.


DURATION OF RENTALS: The standard rental period is 7 days with shipping.

DEPOSITS AND FINAL PAYMENT: A 50% deposit is required for all rentals on confirmation of the booking. Even if payments are made by check, a completed Credit Card Authorization form is required for security purposes and should be signed and faxed back to our office. This is to cover any damages or delayed return of rentals beyond the terms of the contract. When credit cards are used for deposits, any finance charge assessed by your bank as a consequence of the deposit shall be borne by the credit card holder. Final payment is due 30 days prior to the backdrop being shipped from our office.

DAMAGES AND ALTERATIONS: Your company is responsible for any damage to or loss of the backdrop/s from the time it leaves our office until it is returned. Our backdrops must have no alterations of any kind such as pinning, tacking, stapling, sewing or painting. If the backdrops are damaged, your company will be billed for repair or replacement costs.

INSURANCE: Prior to shipment, arrangements should be made to provide insurance coverage for the replacement cost of the item/s being rented and naming Dream World Backdrops as additional insured on your liability policy. Please send a copy of this insurance policy to our office.

SHIPPING: All items are shipped from our office in California via various shipping companies. Shipments must be returned to our office on the same carrier with prepaid-shipping unless return shipping has been paid for in advance. Items returned to us on our account or C.O.D. will be subject to a handling charge of 20% of the shipping cost.

LATE RETURNS: This rental agreement is for the duration that the backdrop/s are away from our premises. Since our other customers will need the backdrop/s for their event/s, prompt return of the backdrops is extremely important. Accordingly, items returned late will be invoiced $70.00 for each day late.

CANCELLATION: Bookings canceled less than 30 days prior to scheduled shipment date will lose their deposit. Bookings canceled within 7 days prior to the shipping date will be charged the full backdrop rental cost. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Dream World Events, Inc.